Thursday, December 18, 2014

Extraordinary Greetings

"In a world of high tech confusion, It's nice to know that still hand writes notes."

I for one still love to write.  I know, it's beginning to sound like a clique of sorts, but yet so true in that some rarely correspond via cards and letters.  Well, here's a shop and creative artisan that may have you reconsidering.

Allow me to introduce you to...

and her Etsy shop...

Dee's creativity has inspired me to share exactly that, "A Few Of My Favorites".

To start off, I'll share with you my favorite.  A favorite in that Dee combined a beautiful vintage card with her wonderful creativity that to me is reminiscent of an outfit Mattel created for Barbie, which is that of...

"The Red Flare" ensemble.

The combination of vintage cards with her creative style reflects her passion in card creating.

Here it's displayed in this lovely embossed and glittered "A Merry Christmas" greeting card.

"Sleigh Ride" for a holiday tree is a favorite and lends to my imagination in that how wonderful it would have been to get bundled up, hitch the horses, and trot off into the woods to gather the family Christmas tree.

This beautiful card that puts together the meaning of Christmas with Dee's use of a vintage Victorian card depicting two Angels with our Savior Jesus Christ in this.

A beautifully created card and example of what Christmas is truly about, wouldn't you agree?

Not only will you find and browse Dee's lovely array of Christmas cards, but also lovelies for the coming year like this adorable "Vintage Victorian Girl" Valentine greeting card.

Why not set one aside for Mom with this "Vintage Victorian Woman" in feathered hat with embossed designer paper card with handmade rose.  It's never too early to buy for Mom.

You may laugh at me now, but yes Summer will be upon us before you know it.  Share some love with that wonderful Sister or Best Friend with this pretty

"Vintage Bathing Suit" clad Summertime girls. 

Dee doesn't stop at just greeting cards.  She also carries other nice vintage goods and gifts like Women's Accessories and Clothing.

We hope you'll stop by soon and browse Dee and Richard's wonderful creative works and her selection of vintage goods!  


Unknown said...

Love having this creative Artisan on our team!

EarthLites said...

I really enjoyed this! Thank you!

Jenni said...

Very nice. Yes, I think handwritten notes and cards are decreasing with each passing generation. I still use them and always will.

onesnevertooold said...

Thank you Earth, D!

onesnevertooold said...

Hi Jenni! This is why I enjoy sharing these wonderful artisans and hope they enjoy the feedback from their fellow Etsians like you and Dorene. Thanks so much and it is awesome that you continue to write.

onesnevertooold said...

One other note, I purchased one of Dee's beautiful creations and was in awe at how beautiful her work truly is. Far more beautiful than pics can reflect. Thank you Dee!

Blue Moon Attic said...

I ♥ this blog post! So entertaining and lovely.