Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hailing from the great state of Texas, my August featured seller and Etsy friend is one who's passion for that perfect head band has inspired me with her tenacity and diligence in sharing with you what she herself wears faithfull, that perfect head band.  May I introduce to you....

 Melissa Brown,
owner and operator of Etsy shop...

or BAH!

 "After several years of pattern making these are the head bands I came up with, they are shaped like a head, and do not slip and move around."


 I found Melissa's head bands interestingly unique and wanted to share with you a little bit about  the person behind the scenes along with showing off some of her wonderful and creative works.

Tell us a little about the person behind the scenes at Band A Heads. 

"I live in Austin, but have lived in Sante Fe and California. I grew up surrounded by art. I was born in San Jose, and grew up in Monterey. My parents were beatnik artists—my mom is a painter and photographer, and my dad is a jeweler, sculptor and visual artist. My dad has crafted several giant bronze bells for Tassajara, a Zen retreat in Central California. My mom taught art at our local community center, alternative school and in our backyard! I learned to sew at an early age and I was taught embroidery from an Iranian woman. While my mom was good at starting projects, she wasn’t great at finishing them, so I’ve been able to finish several of her unfinished projects over the years, which furthered my confidence in sewing."

Here's a head band "Heather Grey" that's made of a ribbed cotton/spandex material that prevents it from falling off the head.  Cut on a bias, they are rounder and made to fit the shape of different peoples heads.

Here you'll see Melissa's lovely scarf's laid over the "Heather Grey" head band pictured above. 

How did you come to name your shop "Band-A-Heads"?

"My shop sells handmade headbands that are specially designed to stay on, not slide off. I chose the name Band A Heads (BAH) because no head size is the same, it’s a like a band of people, they are all different. And well the acronym—“BAH, my hair is in my eyes”—it just fit!"

This purple, pink, white, and black head band also serves as a hat and is fleece lined, perfect for fall and winter days.

What do you find most challenging in the creation of your works?

"The most challenging aspect of my headbands is dealing with knit fabrics, and I’m sure anyone that sews knows what this is like; also they are cut on the bias. Which means that the fabric stretches sideways and up and down, making it especially ideal for headbands, and not ideal for sewing? I usually have to iron a facing on them, just to manage them. And that is going to be something that will cost some money in production if I ever get that far."

A hodgepodge of pattern making...

"My son's grandmother buys him quite a few T-shirts some that he has never worn before, so I turned to those."

From where do you gain your inspiration? 

"I work in a restaurant, in an open kitchen, so our customers watch as we prepare their food. I love to wear headbands—they keep your hair off your face—but found they kept popping off my head. I had worked at a custom hat shop, so I tried to apply what I knew about millinery and head sizes to headbands! My inspiration came from riding the bus, noticing the scarves and “do rags” that people wore, and knew that I could come up with a better solution. So I started on a quest to make a better headband, starting with my t-shirts.  It actually took me about two years to come up with a pattern that worked. I tried various ideas on my one friend that has very thick hair; I’ve given away a bunch of headbands solely with the idea of feedback. And my friends have been so helpful."

On the lighter side...

One word that describes you best?

"Hard working!"

What was the craziest or wildest thing you've ever done?

"Well, I can’t talk really talk about all the crazy things I have done… I used to live with a pretty well know blues and rock musician
 (no names, please!).

  I’m a former bartender,

so I’ve got plenty of stories.

 My life has changed immensely since I had my son…
and that was 17 years ago!"

Living or deceased, what famous person would you like to meet?

"I would like to meet Lauren Bacall; she seems so intelligent and classy. She is my favorite Hollywood actress, and her story “By Myself” about living with Humphrey Bogart is a must read, and also very inspiring if anyone is trying to quit smoking. Which I did about 2 years ago! She details what it was like to live with Bogie while he was dying, and how smoking really wasn’t as glamorous as it was portrayed in the movies they were in."

If Guinness asked you to set a world record, what would it be and why?

"I used to think that would be great fun setting a Guinness record. The books were so cool, my dad used to get the new one every year. But I have never been able to think of what I might do. At one time I could blow bubbles off my tongue, when I was a kid, but not consistently, so yeah, I’m at a loss."

Where else can one go to find and learn more about Band-a-Heads, i.e., Blog, FB, Twitter?

"Pinterest is a great sight  "BAH"  You can also visit The Band-a-Heads Facebook page at "BAH"  which is the most active aspect of my social network.  There I show how I “upcycle” items—I made about half of my headbands from old T-shirts. I plan to add more photo essays on this process, so folks can see what goes into the making of my headbands."

We hope you've enjoyed this post and to find out more about her works, visit Band~A~Heads for a browse and to ask any questions regarding her head bands, scarves, scrunchies, and more.  Don't forget to ask about custom orders too!  

Monday, April 15, 2013

An Eclectic Nature

I'm excited to share with you a fellow vintage lover and creator of beautiful handmade jewelry.  Amanda, owner and operator of Etsy shop...

brings to you her brand of wonderfully crafted, one of a kind handmade jewelry pieces, vintage goods, supplies and more.  Amanda is very dedicated to her craft as can be seen in the lovely pieces she creates.  April is 20% off Handmade Jewelry and I've featured a few of her beautiful creations below...

One of my many faved pieces is this Sterling Silver Ruby Pendant 

This cute and whimsical pair of Owl Earrings are adorable and an awesome accessory to add to your earring collection

Amanda also carries a super assortment of supplies like these wonderful Unique Ceramic Mexican Bead Destash

And these Rwandan hand crafted Paper Beads in and an assortment of colors.

Along with her handcrafted pieces and supplies, Amanda offers a great selection of vintage items like this pair of Vintage Thermos Bottles

and vintage apparel like this cool Gingham Loomed Pleated Orange and Navy Blue Skirt with original tag

With over 200 items stocked in her Etsy shop, I'm confident there's something for everyone, but you'll have to stop by for a browse to see for yourself  Amanda's wonderful world of...

Friday, March 22, 2013


Always looking for new and innovative artisans and their creative works on Etsy, I happened upon a little shop located in Parma, Italy by the name...

who offer beautiful and truly unique miniature hats to wear and display.

Kristina, owner of Emporio Stravagante brings to you her beautiful and truly one of a kind hats like this my favorite...

"Hard Black" a Victorian, Steampunk inspired hat trimmed in gold and adorned with black feathers.

This Red and Gold colored "Mexico" hat is simply stunning!

If you know me, you know I won't show you all of Kristina's creations, but I will share one more of my favorites which is "Robin's Dream" a mad hatter styled hat in white with white rose flanked by two red roses that's perfect to finish off that wedding ensemble. 

You'll have to visit Kristina at Emporio Stravagante to see for yourself all of her lovely and unique creative works.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Prime Portal

I've always been fond of photography and how those who have the ability to see through the camera lens capturing images that stimulate the senses.  Photographs as I see, are tactiles of the minds eye,  photographers, lenders of the eye of their minds.  Here I'd like to share with you a couple who's collaboration has produced some of my favorite images from some of my most favorite places here in the United States.  I'd like to introduce you to...

who own and operate

Specializing in

Following are some of my favorite pieces that I hope you'll enjoy.

Lovely tide pools at low tide.  Captured here at the Pacific Ocean in Davenport, California.

This beautiful image of a thermal pool in Yellowstone National Park places one there.

"We are a husband and wife team based in Northern California that love traveling, photography and lately, wood carving."

As is evident of this lovely Cocobolo Art Nouveau Heart Shaped "Tree Of Life" wood pendant.

Beautifully framed and matted, this Zion Image captivates with it's Red, White, Blue, and Gray hues.

The Merced River, Bridal Falls, Half Dome and all Yosemite National Park has to offer, here Yosemite Creek is one of my personal favorites.

I invite you to take a moment and browse this wonderful Etsy shop.

"We put a lot of love, pride and thought in our work, and we hope you will enjoy it too."


Friday, February 1, 2013

Love And Light

I'd like to introduce to you my first featured Artisanista of 2013 and her Etsy shop...

Shay, who owns and operates ButtersStore is a South Florida Artist who provides high quality handmade ceramics and sculptors.  Here is a sneek peek at some of her wonderfully creative pieces...

like this lovely hand painted ceramic Butterfly magnet in a beautiful green. 

This red and blue Butterfly accented with decorative stones and crystals would make a great Valentine's Day gift for that special one.

"The Monarch", this wonderful ceramic ornament with it's vibrant orange, black, and white color glaze is sure to please. 

Here is "Hope", A beautifully airbrushed and fine line detailed blue Butterfly on stone that's one of my favorites.

Shay is currently in the works of adding new inventory, so do stop by often and as hope you will.

To can see more of her stunning hand made and hand painted Butterflies just click on her shops name below.