Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Trio of Creativity

I'd like to share with you a trio of crafty crafters that include a mother and two daughters.  I'm quite sure this is not of an extraordinary nature, however I feel one of those cases of which I'd like to give recognition.  I introduce to you three Etsy artisans, but more importantly, three friends, all of which bring their own fun and unique creative works to the world of handcrafted on Etsy.  Firstly I'd like you to meet the forefront of this creative trio who operates the shop known as....

An artisan who from the onslaught, having had knitting needles placed in front of her, found a form of relaxation within them.  Her works are exemplary of her creativity and those of which I've found to be superb.  Here are just a couple examples of her wonderful works....

PDF Knit Pattern - Scarlet Diamond Weave Beanie

Stylish and fashionable her works reflect the marvelously intriquite attention to detail.  Imagine if you will....

PDF Pattern Knit Newsboy Cap

wearing one of these two mod caps to the Saturday market.

Perhaps another one of her creative works is more your liking....

Sapphire Wristlet Purse
this lovely little wristlet?

Stop by Creati Knit's shop as I've only displayed but a small sampling of what she has to offer.


 Next are the dynamic duo that make up this wonderful trio.  These young ladies each bring their own creativity to the handmade world through their respective Esty shops.

I introduce to you my good pals....

Little Bitty Knitter brings to you absolute cuteness in her knitted creativity and The Book Boutique brings to you superb handmade/decorated journals as well as a nice assortment of beautiful bookmarks and more.

These are the works of The Book Boutique....

Voyage `a Paris Journal

Safari Giraffe Bookmark

Vampire Hunter Journal

Above are just a few examples of The Book Boutique's awesome creative works.  You can click on any of the shop name links to pay her a visit.


When it comes to original knits works, you can't help fall in love with these adorable creations....

Knit Popcorn

Knit Lion

Cupcakes Anyone?

My Fave Knit Itsy Bitsy Spider

To see more whimscally unique knit creations, just visit Little Bitty Knitter on Etsy.

I hope you'll stop by for a visit as I'm sure this wonderful family of creative artisan's would be delight to have you!

The Book Boutique ~ CreatiKnit ~ Little Bitty Knitter

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Expressions Of Love

I'd like you to meet Jen, photographer, freelance writer, and owner of Etsy shop MnMJen.  Jen's love of photography is reflected in her wide variety of subjects and in every single shot.  Her ability to capture through the lens is truly among some of the best photographic images I've seen.  I hope you'll stop by her shop....

or visit her blog....

Here are just a few of Jen's wonderful photographic works....

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Obscure Beginnings

I want to introduce you to an old friend, one of my first from Etsy.  This is Kate, owner of the Etsy shop "Obscure Beginnings".  Kate is a wonderful artist I've admired and who's work I love.  I've select a couple pieces from her works for your viewing pleasure....

"Einstein" An Original Oil on Canvas
26" x 26" 
"Marilyn" Created with a Black Sharpie Pen

"Johnny Cash" Another Original Oil by Kate

You can find these and more in Kates shop by clicking the link below....