Friday, March 22, 2013


Always looking for new and innovative artisans and their creative works on Etsy, I happened upon a little shop located in Parma, Italy by the name...

who offer beautiful and truly unique miniature hats to wear and display.

Kristina, owner of Emporio Stravagante brings to you her beautiful and truly one of a kind hats like this my favorite...

"Hard Black" a Victorian, Steampunk inspired hat trimmed in gold and adorned with black feathers.

This Red and Gold colored "Mexico" hat is simply stunning!

If you know me, you know I won't show you all of Kristina's creations, but I will share one more of my favorites which is "Robin's Dream" a mad hatter styled hat in white with white rose flanked by two red roses that's perfect to finish off that wedding ensemble. 

You'll have to visit Kristina at Emporio Stravagante to see for yourself all of her lovely and unique creative works.