Saturday, August 27, 2011

Authentically Enchanting

"I adore making jewelry that reminds me of a movie or book or emotion so I aim to bring that out in what I sell. Everything I have in my shop I would wear myself".

A musician, artist, jewelry maker, and lover of classic and romantic styling.  This weeks interview is with a wonderful and gifted artisan who's passion for her craft is reflected in her lovely and unique works.  My conversations and chats with her have proven to me that she is not only talented, but more importantly, authentic and enchanting.  Having allowed me the honor, I'd like to introduce you to....


She owns and operates Etsy shop

We hope you enjoy her interview.

Who is the woman behind ClassicallyRomantic? Share with us a little about yourself.

"I’m a recent college graduate with a psychology major and English literature and photo minors and am trying to figure out what to do with my life. Yes, this is cliché up the wazoo but it’s true. I love beauty in all forms and I’m without a doubt, a hopeless romantic. I love fashion but tend toward the classic looks more than runway styles. I like to read though to confess, I haven’t read a book for fun since I started university… I am a dog lover, a nerd, a cellist, an intellectual (at times), silly, artistic, laid back, worrisome, patient, and I frequently use the British spelling of certain words. My favourite life experience so far has been studying abroad in England and Western Europe and cannot wait to go back someday."


How long have you been crafting/creating?

"The earliest memory I have of making something was finger-painting in my basement when I was three or four. It was definitely my “thing”, but I soon progressed on to meager water colour, Crayola washable paint, stamping, beading with pony beads, then seed beads and rice-filled bean bags, and then I started to plateau around the age of 16. I need something new, something pretty, something I could share with others… I was introduced to Etsy in college and haven’t looked back since."


Who or what has been your greatest influence?

"My grandma and my mom are my biggest creative influences. Well, them and this one lady on TV who had a “Donna’s Day” craft show after school.

This Donna? Teehee >>>>>

My grandma crocheted her whole life and made beautiful crochet-accented pillowcases, towels, dresses, and little crocheted cross bookmarks. She was always trying to make something new to inspire or catch the eye of the younger generations as well as stay true to the craft. This push towards combining a hobby and business skills is a model I use now.  My mom on the other hand never crocheted, instead she sewed. Sometimes it was clothes for school, sometimes it was an attempt at a quilt, other times it was skating dresses (I used to be a competitive figure skater until college). Purely making things and inventing new patterns is something I learned from her."


Where do you gain your inspiration for new creations?

"I like to see my work as impressionistic. Not in the exact way that paintings are but what I make comes out of a feeling or emotion.  If I watched a BBC romance last night I’m probably going to make something classic and romantic today (see where my shop name comes from? Haha) But if my life is a bit unstable or stressful, I might use dark colours. I suppose a lot of people work this way too.  How I view the world is very much reflected in my shop."


When and what was your first ever
sale online or off?

"Offline!  I have been selling my creations big and small at my family’s garage sales since I was a kid. I don’t know exactly what I first sold but I have a feeling it was some sort of ribbon and snowflake pony bead bookmark."


Which of your creations is your favorite?

"Oooooo that is a tough question! I think in my shop right now, and asking me today I’d have to say I’m really fond of the jewelry that incorporates fabric as well. I like the mix of textures and patterns."


Where can one go to find and learn more about ClassicallyRomantic?

"I have a Facebook page called Classically Romantic where I post new things and occasional coupon codes.  I think the best way to find out about me would be to continue reading this post and read my profile on Etsy.  Congrats, you’re halfway there!"


Let's have a little fun....

Name one word that best describes you?




If you won the lottery today, what would be your first purchase?

"I’d purchase the payment of my student loans,  but since that really isn’t a “purchase”, I’d have to say a purple or green PT Cruiser

 or a Prius.

 Not because I’m a “green” person, just because I think I could save some of that money I won on gas....

because gas prices are freaking annoying right now!"


Who, living or not, famous or not would you like to meet?

"This is always a tough question, do I go with someone historically important, or someone who I think would just be good company, or a celebrity?? It I think for today I shall choose my uncle who passed away before I was born. He was my mom’s brother and from what I hear he was a great guy and a good, fun-loving musician who sadly died waiting for a heart transplant. I would really have loved to have known him."
One of the best answers to this question I've ever received! :o)


What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

"When I was skating I stepped onto the ice with my guards on once…

You’re really not supposed to do that because you end up looking like Bambi on the frozen pond and falling down awkwardly…"


Aside from crafting/creating, what other activities do you enjoy?

"Reading, writing, ‘rithmatic…no scratch that last one. I love British television and most Brit culture. I am currently enraptured with Doctor Who. I also love spending time with friends and playing cello in the orchestra, playing board and card games, and watching movies, (love dramas and adventure but hate romantic comedies). I also enjoy learning, sincerely. Though I have ended my school years I pledge to never stop learning. Whether I learn from doing or listing to neuroscience podcasts, I will pursue knowledge."

"And that seems to be it!"


It appears as so!   Anna and I hope you've enjoyed and learned a little about the woman behind the scenes at Classically Romantic and we invite you to stop by her Etsy Shop for a browse or catch the latest by visiting her on Facebook.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Eye For The Lens

"My photos are often described as vintage, dreamy, ethereal, uplifting, calming, peaceful, meditative, eclectic, and whimsical.   Some say I offer a distinct minimalistic style."

I would like to introduce you to a wonderful photographer and Etsy shop owner whom I've known for a only a short time, but have been captivated by her alluring photographic images.  Here I want to share some of the photographs she lists in her shop and a little about the person behind....

                             PURDY PRINTS                         
Laura was very gracious in accepting my invitation for an interview.  We hope you enjoy.

Who is the person behind the lens at Laura Ruth Photography? Share with us a little about yourself.

"I'm a 30yr old entrepreneur living in central Pennsylvania with my husband Matt
 and two dogs."


When did you first become interested in photography?

"I've always admired the visual arts, but I was most inspired by others pros and amateurs alike on"


Who or what has been your biggest influence?

"I'm influenced by many of my fellow photographers, who have become wonderful contacts and friends. They inspire me daily."


From where do you gain
your inspiration?
"Everything from nature to fashion. Color to washed out tones."


Your photographs have such a wonderful allure, what is it about your photos that set you apart from others?

"My photos are often described as vintage, dreamy, ethereal, uplifting, calming, peaceful, meditative, eclectic and whimsical. Some say, I offer a distinct minimalistic style."


 Do you have a particular favorite?
"That's like choosing a favorite song or color; it's impossible for me :)."


Where can one go to find and learn more about Laura Ruth Photography?

How bout a little fun....

Name one word that best describes you?



Have you ever prank called someone?

"Back in the fourth and fifth grade I prank called everyone from my neighbors to my teachers.   I still prank call my friends from time to time, however, technology tends to be unfavorable these days with caller i.d. nobody answers blocked calls! haha :)"


What was the last thing you can remember that made you think...hmmmm?

"I recently read about Ray Kurzweil and his theories on nanotechnology and singularity."

I hope not this kind of nanotechnology?

What was your most frightening experience if any?

"While hiking one year, I walked directly into a herd of deer protective of their fawn,  rather than run, they approached me and I didn't know what to do.  It was terrifying.  They dwarfed me in size. I thought, great, I'll be the first girl to ever have been killed by a herd of deer.  So my friend started stomping his feet.  I think this was an attempt to scare them off.  Instead the herd continued to approach...   frustrated and scared....I ran.   I ran directly into a dead end on this hiking path. I turned around and there was the herd...they had followed us.   We ended up slowly easing by, but the fear I experienced was intense."

and lastly....

If you chose to set a world record for Guiness, what would it be? 

"Hmm, maybe have the world's best selling photo for a cause? Something that tied in success with philanthropy would be awesome."

Perhaps this would be more suited?


We hope you've enjoyed the read and do hope you'll stop by any of Laura's sites to see more of her fantastic photography.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Ain't Missin' You At All

Contrary to the title of this post i've found that even though Zibbet has provided new found chat life, it's just not quite the same as the old.  I realize things must go on, however I truly never thought that I'd be missing the ability to pop into anyone of a handful of chat rooms and just read or join in on a conversation.  It's great to see so many from the old visiting the new and perhaps over time I'll warm up to it.