Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tenaciously Talented

"It is rare in this world that you can hold something that is unlike any other in the world!"

While browsing the halls of Etsy, I found this beautifully unique and creative shop and owner who's works inspired me to feature as my newest Artisanista.  I introduce you to this wonderful artisan and her shop ....

We hope you enjoy.

Who is the person behind the scenes at SecretPocketBook?

"The woman behind SecretPocketbook goes by "M.D." I can honestly say that I am one of the most tenacious, obsessed with "creative" expression and completely head over heels in Love with etsy! I thrive when I create something, I love building anything with my hands. When I finish creating every book clutch or booksafe, I am still in wonder and so grateful that I get to make such wonderful use full items!"

What or who is your inspires you to create your wonderful items?

"Gosh, I am so inspired by the vintage books that I make into booksafes, or Book Clutches... and the stories from customers who tell me about the story behind why they have ordered the one that they have! I think the "thing" if it can be classified as a "thing" is the time and energy that I put into making each one of the booksafes, and book clutches and turning it into something fun, novel and unique!"

Which of your creations is/are your favorite?

"My favorite creations are the book clutches that I make, each one is so different from the other, it is rare in this world that you can hold something that is unlike any other in the world! Truly a one-of-a-kind book clutch, for the woman who is a one-of-a-kind!"

If you could have your items sold in any store besides Etsy, which would it be?

"Does ellen degeneres website count? I would love the opportunity to make my items with proceeds to go to charities for animals, I am a dog lover. As I go forward in my adventure, I really feel that in my soul, my divine purpose is to help with our four legged friends! A great attribute of mind, body and soul...helping our best friends!"

Where else can readers go to find more on SecretPocketBook?

"I really am not very good at social media, etsy is the only place so far that my Secret Pocket Book lil' shop is...and I figured with their audience in the millions, every day...odds were going to be on my side to start my little book clutch nitch in the world of the world wide web!"

Now for a little fun...

One word that describes you best?

"Tenacious. When I was a child, I was told I was stubborn, now that I have come of age. I find that the definition of tenacious fits me a little better! Tenacious: ("you're tenacious and you get at the truth", synonyms: persevering, persistent, determined, dogged, strong-willed, tireless, indefatigable, resolute, patient, unflagging, staunch, steadfast, untiring, unwavering, unswerving, unshakable, unyielding, insistent;)."

If you were an animal, what would you be, why?

"I would be an eagle, to fly on the level of the heavens, and to experience freedom, peace of mind and eagle that soars above all the worries and illusions of the worries here on earth. No war, no worries, just peace."

If told you had to, would you base jump or skydive, why?

"Could I do both?

I would love to do either, not much really scares me too much...except spiders!"

A face only a Mother could Love!

Who is your favorite musical band?

"I have a collection of music....

anything that moves me!"

How about theses guys?

And Lastly....

Living or deceased, what famous person would you most like to meet, why?

"Gosh...Martha Stewart or Ellen Degeneres! Martha Stewart is a DIY Empire, and very I would meet her with a million questions! Ellen makes me laugh, she exudes such a wonderful light, and her comedy is witty, smart, and clean! There isn't an episode that goes by that I don't laugh and dance, she is what the world really needs more of. Positive energy, love, and laughter! :)"

We hope you enjoyed the interview with M.D. and that you'll stop by to visit her Etsy shop and browse her wonderful creative works!


Unknown said...

These are really unique! I love them!
I've done all my Christmas shopping, but will keep these clutches in mind!

By the way... I would love to meet Ellen too! :D

onesnevertooold said...

Thanks for always stopping by Dorene to lend a comment to these deserving artisan's! You're the Bestest!!