Sunday, October 19, 2014

Feathered Adornments

This clever and witty gal is a new found friend from my Etsy team Vintage Vertigo.  She hails from the state of Wisconsin and owns not one, but two Etsy shops.  This feature covers the crafty crafter side of this wonderful Etsian as she lends to what it is to be an "Artisanista".

of Etsy shop...

Has reluctantly (LOL) agreed to share with us a little about herself and her awesome creative works.  We hope you'll enjoy the visit.

Who is the person behind the scenes at EarthLites?

"I think I am multiple people.

 I am an Artist,

 a Seller of Antique and Vintage Items, 

a Musician (Keyboard and Acoustic Guitar).

 I like to think of myself as a writer as well.

 I have just begun blogging but have written for a long time. Nothing published except my blog and have published a poem several years ago.

I am happy but can get moody when I am on overload and can usually adapt to any situation. I get along with most people of any age. I like camping among the things listed above. I used to cook and entertain often, but my time is too limited these days."

What brought you to open an Etsy shop?

"I bought a pair of Feather Earrings from the other "E"... looked at them and thought... Hey, I can do that!

I made friends with the seller ( we are still friends to this day three years later). She helped me get started, told me what to order (besides feathers, of course). 
She hadn't been creating feather earring very long, so we learned together.
She is the one who told me about Etsy, which is where she sold destash.
Feathers were trending at the time, so away I went and my shop did very well.... until they stopped trending."

What inspires you to create such works?

"What inspires me to create would be the finished product.  I am rarely unhappy with it.  There is one pair that just won't sell! 
I guess no one likes yellow! Ha! On second thought... I'm not sure if they're even listed!"

Get them listed Dorene, get them listed!!

Do you have a particular favorite?

"My favorite is my most recent creation. It is a hair extension with a matching earring. I would consider the design to be Native American/Boho/Hippie. I love it and wouldn't mind having one for myself! I'm an old Hippie at heart. Well, not just at heart. :)"

Let's have a little fun....

"I knew we'd be getting to the fun part eventually!"

One word that best describes you?


Here Dorene, I found this for ya, hehe...

What's the funniest prank anyone's ever pulled on you?

"No one ever DARED to prank me! Everyone who knows me, knows they would get double pranked back (or hurt)! I really can't think of ever being pranked."

Awwww, not even this one...


What's the funniest prank you've pulled on someone else?

"I did a good one to my husband, but let's go with April Fools Day where I worked. I had a key and went in early. I took some packaging tape and taped down all the handsets of the phones (you couldn't see the tape). I watched as everyone tried to pick up their phones. It wasn't easy with the type of tape I used. They suspected one of the guys in back at first, but they weren't laughing when they said they didn't do it.

 I tried so hard not to laugh but it just came out."

What is the most essential item in your home?

"The most essential item in my home is my laptop. Even before my Etsy shops, I HAD to have my laptop! If I lose my connection, it's immediate panic and pacing! Thank goodness my Grandson lives with us now. He is a Computer Tech so if he's home, 9 times out of 10, he can save the day."

I remember those old laptop convertibles!!

We hope you've enjoy this little visit with Dorene and we do hope you'll stop by to visit her at


EarthLites said...

Fantastic! Great job and Thank You so much! I love it!

Unknown said...

Glad you like it! Now go out and promote it so peeps will visit and comment!! Go, go!!