Tuesday, September 2, 2014


"Those of us who daydream of spending our time dancing all night at the Great Gatsby's; or longing for the freedom of the gypsy life; who secretly carry a wild heart; or are just longing for a simpler time will find my pieces absolutely soul-satisfying!"

Every now and again I come across an artist whose works I find just fabulous.  Here I'd like to share with you some works from Etsy shop....


Kathleen offers you unique accent pieces to add style to your home.  Created from vintage ephemera, illustrations and the likes, she brings life to the past in her creative works.

This beautiful Art Deco, Art Nouvea throw pillow featuring lovely Burlesque Dancers is one of my personal favorites. 

This wonderful re-invented "Gypsy" art piece would fit as a perfect addition to any art studio.

This 11 x14 print featuring the USS Keewatin is sure to captivate the nautical enthusiast.

For those of you who aren't spooked out by Spiders and Bugs, this awesome Throw Pillow featuring the likes is sure to match up wonderfully with

this Bat inspired vintage illustrated Throw.  Great to give as a gift for someone that's digs those creepy crawlers!

So hurry on over to see more of Kathleen's truly unique and wonderful creative works at...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful creations. I have favorited this shop. Thank you for sharing.