Sunday, April 26, 2015

Uniquely Ukrainian

With Mother's Day just around the bend I wanted to share with you an artisan that hails from the Ukraine city of Kharkov.  

who designs and owns Etsy Shop

Offers some of the most beautifully handcrafted pieces I've ever seen.

"Since my childhood I was interested in creativity. I like to draw, mould, sew, knit, embroider very much. Now my main hobby is beaded design. But it is not only my hobby, it is my passion, it is my life!"

Here I share with you some of her marvelous creative works and a few of my favorites.

Here this Beadwork and embroidered Necklace with Natural Aqua Chalcedony, Swarovski crystals and silver-finished seed beads awaits you in her shop.

Beadwork Gold Earrings with Dark Blue Swarovski crystal and gold-finished seed beads.

Beadwork and embroidered Bracelet with Titanium coated Agate, Volcano Swarovski crystals and Swarovski crystal pearls.

Gold Necklace with embroidered and beadwork Pendant with Natural Labradorite, Luminous Green Swarovski rivolies and Miyuki gold seed beads.

I encourage you to stop by Julia's wonderful shop to browse all of her beautifully unique creative works!


EarthLites said...
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EarthLites said...

Oh my goodness, Julia's Jewelry is Gorgeous! I can't imagine how much thought, time and detail goes into creating these works of art!
Thank for sharing!