Sunday, March 1, 2015

An Aussie Artisanista

Hailing from the land "Down Under" is an old Etsy friend, Blogger, and true "Fashionista".  My friend Lorena has a knack for all that is fashion!  Here I want to share with you some of her lovely, creative lace creations, and just a little about this Aussie Artisan named...


She is owner and operator of...

Following are just a few examples of her beautiful creative works I'd like to share with you.

Made to order are this fantastic 

Romanian Point Lace Designed custom made to your requirements.

She offers beautiful and bold statement pieces like this

Color tones that include Beige, Cream, White, Nude, and Cappuccino.

Perhaps a lovely addition to your fashion apparel is more to your liking.  Check out this awesome handmade...

Lorena also offers downloadable PDF tutorials that lend to you techniques to create pieces like this 

Unique and interesting pieces like this beautiful

made of Gold colored Silk Rayon are available for immediate purchase.

Stop by to browse more of Lorena's works and tell her NeverTooOld sent ya!


Unknown said...

Thank you very much fro sharing my etsy shop on your gorgeous blog!

onesnevertooold said...

You're very welcome Lorena and I hope it helps to spread the word on your lovely works! All The Best!

EarthLites said...

These are gorgeous! I love the belts!