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Sky's The Limit

My next featured seller comes out of New Jersey.  She is native american and comes from a long lineage of Artisans and Crafters.  She joined Etsy in July of 2010 and I met her shortly thereafter.  I hope you enjoy reading about her, so with no further ado I give you....





Share with us a little about the person behind the scenes at Skyhawkdesigns.

I am a life coach and gemstone jewelry designer specializing in holistic spiritual healing and wellbeing, entrepreneurialship, and meditations.

I’ve been designing and creating for as long as I can remember. I was more of a tomboy growing up and not very interested in dolls. My mother came from a farming family so she taught us all how to sew and knit. She even taught my brothers! I remember her saying, “you never know when you’ll have to rely on just yourself and your own abilities.” The wiring came quite accidently on purpose. I have been wire wrapping for about 3 years now and I am so addicted to this form of wearable art!


How long have you been designing and creating?

My inspiration comes from my grandmother and grandfather as well as my mother. Having Native American roots and a mom that grew up on a farm means that you will learn to do something with your hands! Since I am also a practicing life coach, my love of gemstones comes from a more holistic background of the healing principles of gemstones and gemstone meditation. The ascetic part comes from my wish to share them and make them a daily part of someone’s wardrobe. The symbolism of gemstone jewelry and the history of wire wrapping seem to be a perfect match.


From where do you gain your inspiration?

I have learned wire wrapping and weaving and am still learning different ways to do wire art jewelry. What I feel makes my shop different are a few contributing factors. First off, I love to do what I do and I believe it shows by what I make. I love to take techniques and alter them to create my own individual style. 


What do you feel makes your shop different from others on Etsy?

Someone once said to me it takes a lot of guts to put your craft out there. That is so true, but etsy along with other online venues like artfire make you feel comfortable to do just that. My shop is coordinated to allow the eyes to play a bit with different textures, colors, coils and spirals, “oh my!”

Are there any other hobbies or crafts that you enjoy working with?

Goodness…other crafts. Where do I begin? A few of my obsessions have been sewing, quilting, rug hooking, knitting, crocheting, writing and painting. Yes, there’s more to come I’m sure.


Do you own any other shops, blogs, etc. that you'd like to share here?

I have another shop on artfire which has some different pieces other than on etsy and currently trying to stay disciplined to write a blog am also available for life coaching by writing to .


Now a lil fun....

What's one of the craziest thing you've ever done?

Goodness! Crazy things…I’ve done a few, but then again…too few to mention…lol. Probably one of the craziest thing I’ve ever done was to be in a rock band. I use to be a lead singer for a rock band when I was in my late teens. Night people have a totally different dynamic and I found that to be both risky and exciting. One night I was onstage at an all boys school dance and when they found out it was “rock” music, they pulled the plug on us! That was crazy! I was just about to do my Grace Slick imitation!


If told you had to, would you surf or ski? Why?

Not being a snow bunny I would probably surf. Actually, I probably would be too awkward to do either.


Have you ever made a prank phone
call to someone? If so, What?

I remember when my friend that lived two houses down from me and I got together to make prank calls growing up. We’d call people with the last name “Swanson” and ask them to deliver dinner. If that’s your last name, you know me.

LOL! That's my neighbors last name!!  Guess who's callin for dinner delivery tonite? hehe.


Yes or no on the "5 second" food rule, Why?

Yes or No? I don’t know the 5 second food rule.

If food that drops on the floor, you've 5 seconds in which to pick up and eat, any longer is not considered edible and thrown away.

 Oh ohohhhhhh....
Yes, 5 second rule applies to me! LOL

LOL!! does it appy as in yes you'd eat before the 5 or no you wouldn't?

We use to say "kiss it up to God" then eat I think the 5 second rule is yes...heck i think the 15 second rule applies to me too! LOL


Sky and I would like to thank you for visiting and hope you've enjoyed the read.  To see more of her creative works be sure to stop by her Etsy shop for a browse.

A special
 to Sky for

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