Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Stir Your Soul

Featured here is an Etsy artisan who's creative works reflect her passion for her craft.  Stunningly beautiful works of art that you can wear and some of the most beautiful pieces that I've found while browsing for new artists.

I introduce to you the wonderfully talented...

Jewelry artist and Owner of the Etsy shop...

Handmade Classic Design Jewelry Art

"Creating beautiful jewelry stirs my soul and fills me with energy. I take great pleasure in fabricating each piece that I sell in my small and personal metal smith studio.  My goal is to send you a piece of jewelry that also stirs your soul."
                                                                                                                                  Margaret Zacny

Hand fabricated in sterling and fine silver with a rutilated quartz center stone.  The bottom stone sitting at the root chakra of the pendant is a garnet.  Accompanying the pendant is a handmade silver chain.  To learn more about this piece or any of the following pieces, just click the links provided.

In her wonderful workshop, Margaret is shown here soldering a bezel.

This one-of-a-kind .999 fine silver ring is offered in a variety of custom sizes from 4-10.  The ring shown is a size 7.5, but wears more like a 7.  This statement ring is perfect to give as a gift, for the bee lover, and a lovely little heart with the words "Be Mine" adorns the back.

Perhaps my favorite of Margaret's creations follows with this lovely

Made of Sterling Silver and set with a 1 carat lab created Garnet and flanked by 6 CZ's.  Comes in size 7 and available in her shop now.

Here Margaret polishes one of her creations to a mirror finish

and intently works on one of her chain creations.

Margaret offers a wonderful array of 100% handcrafted one of a kind jewelry pieces and will created something custom for you.  So please stop by to browse her selections and find that perfect piece for yourself or someone special. 

You can also find or follow Margaret and ZAXJewelry on social media by clicking any of the links below.





Handmade Classic Design Jewelry Art


solveig said...

hello! such a BEAUTIFUL shop and a Talented Artisan, one-of-a-kind Art jewellery!so pleased to get to know you!:)sure, i'll be stopping by asap! a Great Merci to Dave for sharing such Beauties!;-)

onesnevertooold said...

Hello Solveig, Thanks so much for visiting and your kind comments for Margaret. She is gracious, a very talented artist, and her works are truly fabulous. They speak for themselves. She'll be pleased to read your comments.


Unknown said...

Awesome feature, Dave! What a talent she has! I wish that I could be so creative. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Solveig for your wonderful comment. I so appreciate your kind words. Yes, please do stop by and visit my shop, and thank you for the encouragement! It means so much to me.

-- Margaret

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Renee B! I very much appreciate your encouraging words and your support!

-- Margaret

onesnevertooold said...

Hi Renee,

Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, Margaret's work speaks for itself and she was oh so gracious in allowing me to feature her and her works.