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Warm Sentiments

"While growing up I could always draw and articulate images in realism I'd always appreciated how a single string could hold a world of possibilities."

A gifted and uniquely creative crafter who's passion for the arts, nature, and one who has an undaunting craving for more is sure to inspire the artist in you.  From crocheting, to knitting, to singing, and more, I introduce and invite you to read about this featured Artisanista....


who owns and operates....

on Etsy.


Dawn has graciously allowed me the honor of the interview that follows and one we hope you'll enjoy.

Who is the person behind Lostsentiments? Tell us a little about yourself.

Its me :) A free spirited, somewhat private, live and let live, muse, wife, sister, daughter.


How long have you been a crafter/artisan?

Since I first could get my hands on the tools to draw, sew or knit! By the grace of God I've been gifted in the arts, always in the choir singing my heart out, excelling in art class with the detailed and emotional pieces I would draw. :) I have to have a creative/productive outlet or I feel I'm not making my contribution to the well being of my family and friends inasmuch as I could if I were crafting, dancing or singing :) My hope is that the things I make bring comfort to people and add a bit of awe and beauty to their everyday life. So, you could say I've been a crafter all my life, in love with the arts in whatever form they may be :)


Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

Oh man, this is a hard one... I'd say nature is my biggest inspiration. To me the coming and going of the seasons reflect the seasons of our lives. The day to day weather reminds me of our ever changing moods. The resilience of plants is quite a testament to me, if a small plant can be tossed about by the winds, leaves torn off and drown in water, yet with a bit of sun and given enough time comes back just as beautiful as it once was, how can I, a person, not persevere through the "stormy times" of life? ;) Or how a seed grows when put in the dark under a bit of soil and grab nutrients from the ground around it is astounding to me... I see symbolism in it all...

 I definitely see Gods caring hand extending grace in the changes that go on in nature in a single day. It's quite breathtaking from sun up to sun down... when it comes to creating for me, I tend to gravitate towards natural things, realism art and whatever speaks beauty to me. :)


Your Amigurumi critters are awesome, what influenced you to create these?

I love the classics, thats why I initially started out making teddy bears. Classic and traditional, I think every little girl or boy would be blessed to have one, in a color of their fancy of course. :) When someone buys a teddy bear I hope it gives a lil one some comfort at night and throughout their childhood days of a steadfast friend who was always there. Holding sentimental value to them as they grow up... something they look at fondly and reminisce about once they have lil ones of their own. If the amigurumi is of a character in a video game or cartoon they watch and adore playing I want that doll to also bring a sense of peace and encouragement to their day. Granted these are just "things" but I know from experience cultivating an atmosphere around you of comfort and peace that reminds you of good times gone by can help give you strength to press on and trust that there are good times yet to come as well! There is no age limit on any of the amigurumi goodies - as I believe there is a child in all of us, a part that never really grows up and longs for adventure and at times needs to be comforted.

Many adults that have bought my bears set them at their desk at work to brighten their day so I must be onto something! :) ;) And I will say, that I've found when asked to make amigurumi characters that have not yet been created by anyone else that I can nail the idea pretty well :) So if you have friends in love with a pop eye or betty boop or some character, anime or toon I can bring them to life for them no problem :)


Your shop offers a nice variety of items, Do you have a favorite?

Wow, hmm... right now, my blankets are my favorite items... they put me in such a dreamlike state looking at them. So pretty, soft and homey! From the colors to the ruffles on the edges - I just love it! :) I'd have been a spoiled child to have one of my own growing up! :D


How did you come about choosing the name "Lostsentiments"?

Back to me being gifted in the arts... I used to write poetry as well, some poetry would just come to me in paraphrasing, I'd write it down and share with others to find out it was a hit! Lostsentiments was one of those poetry ideas that just came to me and stuck. I grew up in a small town full of family values and an appreciation for the times gone by... Lostsentiments is where I am rekindling those ideas and items that were discarded or forgotten along the way.

I've had to make my own home in a suburb that's in the middle of the hustle and bustle of NOVA (not far from Washignton, DC) but my heart is in the country... where there are rolling hills and prairie sides that are beautiful all year long with the seasons change... which brings me to my home decor items... these I want to add to a persons sense that their home is their sanctuary where they can relax and find peace. Their own lil slice of heaven on earth. We all deserve a place like this. :)


Where can one go to find and learn more about Lostsentiments? ie., Blog, FB, Twitter?



On the lighter side....

One word that describes you best?

I'm too detailed to not go into details which would equal more words than one so for sake of answering the question I will say "detailed" lol :)

I need more details Dawn? Teehee :o)


Living or deceased, what famous person would you be most interested in meeting?

Anne of Green Gables, though I can't say for sure she was ever more than a fictional character, I love her series and her persistence. Though the world is a very unfair place she strived to be ethical and trustworthy.

Of course, I love her free spirit and the idea of having a bosom friend lol :) If Anne is not real - I'd say Annie Oakley, cause every girl should know how to sport a cowgirl outfit and shoot guns. :)


If you had to, would you be an Ice Road Trucker or a crabber on Deadliest Catch? Why?

Ice Road Trucker.. because should you have an accident and die, it won't take as long as if you were tossed over board in the middle of the ocean,  lol.

I'd have to agree!!


What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

Its a tie....

 enlisting in the air force without a clue of what lies ahead of me....


later in life moving out to VA not knowing a soul out here.
I'd have to admit that moving to a state whereas I knew no one would be quite daring.

and lastly....

If Guiness asked you to set a worlds record, what would it be and why?

How many snowflakes I can crochet in a day - I shelled out an order of 40 snowflakes over two days, coming home from work and crocheting until I went to bed. The order was done within two nights... but I'm a die hard, kids, don't try this at home without adult supervision ;) lol

I'll have you know that I checked with Guiness and there is no record of this record ever being attempted, so you know, you could set the bar? Hehe.


Dawn and I would like to thank you for stopping by and we hope that you'll visit her Etsy shop, Pinterest, Blog, or just give a Tweet whenever you get the chance!


Dawn said...

Dave, I'm so moved by your words along the questions you asked me :) Thank you so much for adding the pictures as well. I'm humbled, truly. Thank you!

TO all the readers - would love to know you! :) please come by any of my online sites and say hello!

Best to you always! ~Dawn

onesnevertooold said...


I'm the one humbled as it's talented people like you that allow me to share your true creativeness. You're an inspiration and it has been my sincerest pleasure. Thank you.

ticc said...

Hi Dave,
Nice job on the interview. Love your new site, and getting to know other estians. :O) Have a great day!
Best Regards,
Susan (ticc)

onesnevertooold said...

Hi Susan,
Thanks so much for your kind comments. Get prepared cuz your interview is coming soon, with your permission of course, lol.

ticc said...

You're very welcome Dave!! :O)

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June Gardens said...

Beautiful interview !!! Glad to know you better, Dawn :)
I'm following you on Twitter and Pinterest.

hugs ( Maria from Alchemical Chaplets )

Dawn said...

Thank you so much Maria! :) Iwill follow you back as soon as I can! :) I appreciate you taking the time to read the entry and find me at a few places too! :) hugs back atcha! ;) ~Dawn