Sunday, November 20, 2011


"My passion is art and being creative. I am a self-taught artist and see art in almost everything. I keep a camera in my car and take pictures of anything that catches my eye."   
                                                                        Sandra Kelley-Costello

One of a Kind Works of Art and Furniture

I found Sandra's shop while browsing one day.  What a great idea to take old discarded furniture and as Sandra puts it "funk-ti-fy" it.  What a bold and creative method of transforming these wonderful pieces into fresh creative works of art.  Following are samplings of Sandra's works....

I love how the gold she's added to this news print and giraffe print covered chair just brings the piece together. 


"Don't Speak"
OOAK abstract painting of acrylic and string gel on canvas.

"Red Sprinkler Wheel"

It just amazes me how one can
 capture such an ordinary and most often
 overlooked object and transform it by way of
 photog into an image
 that to me states "Powerful".

You can see more of Sandra's wonderful creations and works of art by visiting her Etsy shop...

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